Arabic Language Department

Department of Arabic Language

The Arabic Language department was initiated in February 2017. Muslims and people of other faiths are taught Arabic in this department.

By the grace of Allah, the department has recorded tremendous success and notable achievements in a short space of time.

We started with a student body of forty (40). The number of registered students quickly increased to two hundred (200). Two hundred is our current enrolment to date.

The Arabic Language department is also accredited by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

After two years of studying, a student attains a National Diploma in Arabic Language. At this stage, the student is able to speak, read, write and understand the language.

Currently, the Diploma in Arabic Language is offered free of charge by New Hope College, Zimbabwe.

Subject Taught Include

  • Arabic Grammar ( Nahw)
  • Arabic Writing (Imlaa’)
  • Reading (Qira’ah)
  • Arabic Expression (Ta’beer)
  • Arabic Morphology (Sarf)
  • Arabic Speech


18 Charter Road, Harare


136B Fort Street,
Between 12 and 13th Ave


862 Shakashe Dr, Eastvale